Sci Fi Magazine Review of Mortality Bridge

The latest issue of SyFy Channel’s Sci Fi Magazine has a review of Mortality Bridge. Mostly it’s a straightforward account of the story, but they also said that it’s a “mad mixture of Orpheus, Faust, and Dante” that’s “vividly rendered.” They also write that it has

expansive, gonzo encounters with the rulers and torments to be found in Hell–all of which are so vividly rendered, at such expansive length, that folks with a low tolerance for such things may want to forego this read entirely.

(That last is true, and though it seems obvious to me, I guess I should point out that there are indeed a lot of vivid and painful torments depicted in this book, its primary location being, you know … Hell.)

They compare it to Niven & Pournelle’s Inferno, saying

“Duh; it has the same source material, Dante. But it’s darker, funnier, and more heartfelt than the Niven & Purnelle work.

And the last paragraph:

Does it end happily? That would be telling. I will say that it ends with a killer-diller final sentence. Again, the language is all. Mortality Bridge is, you should only excuse the expression, a Hell of a read.

Thank you, Sci Fi Magazine.


John Scalzi, long may he wave, has posted a simply wonderful review/recommendation of Mortality Bridge on his ridiculously popular Whatever blog.

As I already owe John a lifetime supply of Coke Zero for his life many kindnesses to me, I have to think of some additional tribute and/or obeisance to make. I know that John just bought a BMW Mini Coop, and my mad scientist scheming wheels are now turning. Moo hoo, hah hah.

And thank you, John.

C’est Bon

Some quick notes:

  • The French edition of Ariel will be published by Bibliotheque in January 2012. No cover yet, but I will post as soon as I get it. Can’t wait to see it.
  • The French edition of Elegy Beach will follow in June 2012. Is it weird to have entire books full of something I wrote that I can’t understand? Yes. (The pundit in me feels compelled to say that my books in English are probably full of writing that no one can understand either.)
  • Mortality Bridge is apparently in print and shipping. This is six weeks ahead of what I expected and I’m caught a bit offguard, as I had geared my relentless media onslaught for the end of July. (Curse you for going off the air, Oprah!)
  • I am late turning in the next Mortality Bridge audio chapter for the website. Yes. I plead extenuating circumstances.
  • My Big Idea essay on Mortality Bridge for John Scalzi’s wonderful Whatever blog will be posted on July 28.