Fata Morgana – Sample Audiobook Chapters

For those who like to hear their books, below are the Prologue and first two chapters of the Fata Morgana audiobook, which will be released on June 13, same time as the hardcover & e-book.

Hugely talented, award-winning, and unfairly good-looking actor MacLeod Andrews does the narration (my account of our visit to the recording session at the truly wonderful Deyan Audio is here, and the audio was already listed among Library Journal‘s Notable Releases for June. Yay, Library Journal!



Chapter One:


Chapter Two:


Name Your Price for ARIEL Humble Bundle

The e-book version of my first novel, Ariel, is available on a unicorn-themed Humble Bundle! Proceeds will benefit the World Wide Fund for Nature and Fauna & Flora International

Humble Bundle is an innovative, DRM-free bundle of ebooks you can buy by naming your own price — and you can choose how your money is allocated.

For as little as $1.00, you can get Ariel; Unicorn Mountain, by Michael Bishop; Homeward Bound, by Bruce Coville; and Unicorn Triangle, by Patricia McKillip.

$8.00 gets you five more books. $15.00 gets you five more than that — 14 books for as little as $15. You can elect to pay more than that and still get a fantastic deal while knowing that your money is going to a good cause.

The Humble Bundle offer ends Wednesday, May 3.