Burning Man 2017

The thing I like best about Burning Man is simply the fact that it exists.

I had some fantastic experiences on the Playa this year. I worked as a Greeter one day. I saw some truly amazing art and met some fascinating people.  I also Tetrised most of our camp into a shipping container after the event. (It’s this weird ability I have. I even optimize dishes for the dishwasher. A bit OCD, but useful.)

That said, I’m going to have to do a lot of thinking about going back. I’m not sure what Burning Man has for me anymore, and especially vice versa.

There’s video below the gallery.


The articulated bird installation, with passing art car:

The LED Tree. This was simply beautiful:

This was a mirrored, planed skull about 12 feet high. I could have watched it for an hour: