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The Amazon reviews for Fata Morgana have been fantastic — at this writing, a whopping 74% of them have given five stars, and 15% have given four, for an unbelievable 89% combined four- and five-star reviews:

Apparently this proved too unbelievable for reviewer Bolivar S., who wrote: “Too many of these reviews sound like they were written by a copywriter. Four stars for getting to comment, won’t be purchasing the book.”

I’m very aware of the practice of paying for fake Amazon reviews, especially among indie & self pub authors. They’re usually pretty easy to spot (short, generic, lacking details specific to the book), which is all the more reason I am flattered by the Bolivar S’s implication that these reviews are so good they must be fake.

Leaving aside the brain-hurtingly recursive fact that Bolivar S is giving four stars to a book he hasn’t read while suggesting that we shouldn’t trust its high-level reviews, I can only make things even more meta by saying that this has now become my all-time favorite Amazon review of Fata Morgana! ★★★★★