“Writing After Work” – LJWC 2010

Nothin up muh sleeve -- presto!

Just back from this year’s La Jolla Writers Conference and a jam-packed three-day marathon of teaching, as well as a wonderful time spent talking to students and faculty.

I recorded all classes and my keynote speech, and I’ll post them here over the next week or two. Here’s the first, along with its course description.

Writing After Work:  Balancing a Job and a Career
Many writers think they can kiss their day job goodbye after that first sale. The real world often begs to differ. Learning how to balance a day job and a writing career is necessary before your first sales, but it may be necessary for a while afterward, too. This class will look at ways to budget time, scheduling, and dealing with some of the conflicts that arise between job and writing career.

[audio: http://www.steveboy.com/audio/boyett_-_writing_after_work_(ljwc_2010).mp3]
Download: Writing After Work [55:28]

3 Replies to ““Writing After Work” – LJWC 2010”

  1. Thanks Steven. This is the one class I missed because check-out time was 12:00 noon and I had to get out of my lodgings. I only wish I had the video so I see where you were bleeding from this time…

    1. Thanks, Brennan! Glad to be able to fill in the gap. The weekend is such a blur that I can’t quite remember which injuries went along with which classes. It’s fairly safe to say that I was probably bleeding, bruised, swollen, or for all I know plague-ridden in all the classes. How the keynote escaped my clumsy attention is a miracle.

      I guess I should blog about what the hell I’m talking about next time out, huh?

  2. Thanks for posting this, Steve. Just finished listening and posted a response in your forums. Further, I went ahead and listened to your New Media Alternatives to Traditional Publishing, and man, that lecture blew my socks off. The future is barreling down on us like a runaway train and you’re sitting at the front waving your hat and having a blast. I’ve posted my response on my blog here, and agree 100% with your position.

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