Rolling Sevens

My music podcasts, Podrunner and Groovelectric, turn seven in a week. No way I would have believed I’d keep doing them this long, much less that they would have remained so popular.

groovelectric_150Groovelectric remains my favorite simply because, being a straight-up music mix series, it represents what I do, and love, and attempt, as an electronic music DJ. Since it debuted in February 2006, it’s usually been in iTunes’ Top 100 music podcasts.

bluerobot_300Podrunner has been hugely popular. The workout-music series has been a top iTunes podcast for seven years in a row, and a pacemaker literally and figuratively. There was nothing like it out there when it debuted, and I am enormously proud of its popularity and positive influence.

univoxI had to change the theme music for Podrunner, so I took the opportunity to dig out my old MIDI keyboard and brush up on my music production software before getting to work on new theme music. I’m pretty sure it’s the first thing I’ve composed in a decade.

Even with guitar-rig sampler kits, I couldn’t get a lead guitar sound I wanted for the opening notes. So I dug out my Univox imitation Les Paul guitar and played it myself. It’s the first time I’ve recorded guitar in at least 20 years. I had an absolute blast doing it.

The new Podrunner theme is below if you want to give it a listen or download it.

[UPDATE] I tweaked the track a bit, making it shorter & chunkier, and I EQ’d & mastered it to make it sound better overall. That’s now the file below.


2 Replies to “Rolling Sevens”

  1. woo! I love it – though it seems a tad long – are you going to shorten it for the podcasts, or go with the whole thing?

    1. thanks! The theme is three minutes; I try not to let the intros run longer than two. The idea is to compose with a “building-blocks” approach that lets me go from wherever the music is when I am done talking, to an end sequence that fits in seamlessly.

      You can hear it in the latest Podrunner. The theme intro leads to the 30-second commercial for my app (the music for which I also composed), then to the two-minute mix intro. I’m going to tweak the opening & closing segments a little bit before the next Podrunner is released.

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