Getting my own ballot for the 2009 Hugo Award Nominations made me realize that it would probably be all wise and PR-like of me to mention that

Elegy Beach, by Steven R. Boyett (Nov. 2009, Ace/Penguin)

is eligible for nomination in the Novel category this year.

Not that you have to vote for it, you undertand. I mean, if you don’t, we’re still friends. I mean, in a superficial, don’t-call-me-to-bail-you-out-of-jail kind of way. But if you’re eligible to vote for the 2009 Hugos, there’s a chance you intended to vote for Elegy Beach but got that weird mind-goes-blank thing that happens when we walk into bookstores and grocery stores, and when we open the fridge. So I’m really just reminding you, you see.

And remember, vote early and often!

3 Replies to “FWIW”

  1. Bought it. Read it. Liked it. Thanks! Glad that your inner writing demon wouldn’t leave you alone. Although *I* got the whole “spellware” thing from the book, even if you think you almost cut it out.

    So … you said a couple years ago that you were thinking of editing and republishing Architect of Sleep in its entirety. Any chance of that?

  2. Thanks! I didn’t almost cut out spellware, I cut out most of the follow-through on its implications and implementation. And the more I think about it, the happier I am that I did.

    Re Architect, please see here

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